I like to do more stylized characters and artwork I find it more expressive and freeing.

With this type of style I feel you can convey more romanticized or dramatized themes in a much more fun way than realism.

I like when art and design is magical feeling but still fundamentally relates back to real emotions or aspects of real life.

Above is a poster designed for a punk bar. It is full of energy and gives the atmosphere of a punk concert.

The logo and guitar were designed to jump out, the way this was executed was through both of their bright red color.

The VVitch poster I made has a menacing feel and dreary atmosphere reflecting the film. The goat is the main focus in most of the real posters so I wanted to put in my own style to spice it up a bit more.

The blood on the goats horn is an indicator that this is a poster for a horror film and sets the tone completely of the piece


The Greta Van Fleet band poster has the heads of all the band members playing into their mysterious outlandish brand.

The background is mimicking sound waves and music in a flowing way and the bands song symbols are also included.

This promotional poster is a playful depiction of one of the first scenes in Macbeth.

The witches in this play are captivating characters so I decided to use them for the imagery to create interest and capture the dark fantasy energy of Macbeth.

The color palette is mostly mute besides the bright popping red referring to the passion and power chasing evident in the story, it can also be related to blood. The main witch is pushing her hands out towards the viewer casting a spell over them seemingly.